Regular Chiropractic Care Offers Hope for Arthritis Patients as Alternative to Medication

Lowell General opens pain-management center

Regular activity keeps the joints lubricated, which helps to reduce inflammation and pain. In addition to chiropractic care , many patients benefit from massage therapy. Therapeutic massage promotes the flow of oxygen rich blood through the muscles, reducing stiffness. Dr. Bufano, together with fellow Matawan chiropractors at Old Bride Spine and Wellness, provide chiropractic treatments for managing arthritis, as well as other chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia.
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The electricity blocks the activity of the elbow pain treatment pain receptors, which send those pain messages . If the brain doesn’t get the messages from the nerves, it doesn’t know that there’s pain, and you don’t feel any. Another theory behind transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is that the electrical impulses released during TENS encourage the body to produce more of its own endorphins, which are natural pain relievers. The electrical currents emitted by TENS are very low don’t be worried that you’ll feel a big shock. However, it is common to feel a little warmth or even a tingling sensation at the site of the electrodes. One session takes up to 15 minutes, and may be repeated frequently to help alleviate pain.
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Electrical Stimulation for Pain Management

Opioid: Medication class often prescribed to manage pain; drugs include codeine, morphine, fentanyl, and methadone. Peripheral nervous system: This system includes the nerves all over the body that relay messages like pain to the CNS. Peripheral neuropathy: Pain caused by damage to or an abnormality with the peripheral nervous system. Pharmacotherapy: Medication-based therapy. Psychological approaches: Techniques or therapies used instead of or in addition to medication to help you manage your pain; types of therapy include biofeedback, relaxation, stress management , and cognitive-behavioral therapy to manage the emotional triggers of pain. Rehabilitation: Treatment plan, often exercise based, used to help you regain function or relieve pain caused by an illness or injury.
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A Pain Management Glossary

Hospital officials say the facility, led by pain-management physicians Gopala K. Dwarakanath and Benjamin Henkle, unifies the pain-management programs at the main and Saints campuses. “The goal of our Pain Management Center is to treat the whole patient — from identifying the source of the pain and personalizing a plan unique to each patient to eliminate or reduce it,” said Dwarakanath in a prepared statement. “Most importantly — we empower patients in their care by teaching them how to manage it.” Hospital officials say patients will find comprehensive treatment for even the most difficult to treat conditions — such as pain caused by severe arthritis, cancer, or shingles. The facility also offers a lobby area and a patient paging system that ensures a quiet environment and patient privacy. Treatments include nerve blocks (temporary numbing medications injected around various nerves), injections, medications, electrical nerve stimulation, physical therapy exercise programs, cancer-pain management, Botox treatment for migraine headaches, as well as individual and group therapy to help patients deal with the various emotional issues that can often accompany pain.
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