Janitor rapist gets death penalty

Her aunt who is accustomed to giving her a bath after school, asked her to remove her trousers. Upon refusing to do so, and after her aunts insistence, traces of blood and semen were found in the girls underpants, Hussain Al Jaziri, the plaintiffs lawyer said during the trials closing arguments. The victim had been sent to the administration office to deliver some papers by her class teacher, who was believed to have left the country days before the defendant was arrested. Seeing her walk by, the accused, in his 50s, who was also a former janitor at the girls private school, reportedly took her into the schools kitchen where he continued to molest her. He then threatened to kill her and her mother if she told anyone about the incident.
Full text article here: Janitor rapist gets death penalty

Digital Janitor

What makes the rule-based system even trickier is that there is no way to sort the rules. If youve ever played with a rule-based system before (such as Windows built-in user permissions system), you may know that the order by which rules are applied is very important. For example, if I have one rule specifying Delete all files over 100MB and another rule specifying Move all ZIP files to the Archives folder and Folder Janitor meets a 150MB ZIP file–what will it do with it? I tested this, and Digital Janitor was not quite ready to handle such a scenario: It prompted me with a dialog showing the conflicting file (the large ZIP) and offered me to replace or rename it.
Full text article here: Digital Janitor

Janitor at Lady Gaga prep school charged with stalking 17-year-old student

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John Prato, 56, who worked at Convent of the Sacred Heart on E. 91st St., was charged with stalking and aggravated harassment for giving the girl a card and candy Feb. 14 and then contacting her on Facebook and Twitter. Prato had been told Feb.
Full text article here: Janitor at Lady Gaga prep school charged with stalking 17-year-old student


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