Cyber Monday: How Canadian Consumers Are Changing Online Shopping

10 Tips for Safe Online Shopping

And long before today’sCyber Monday theU.S. shopping phenomenon following hot on the heels of Black Friday became an annual American Thanksgiving marketing blitz to encourage consumers to go online for theirbargains. Sharon Ng Hayes turned to online shopping – particularly from websites of U.S. retailers – when she couldn’t find pricing and selection she liked in Canada. (Backseat Stylers) Ng Hayes had turned to U.S.
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Online shopping is growing in Canada, but retailers wanting to reap the greatest rewards from e-commerce need to respond to consumers

But that same handy wireless network could provide an entry point for a passing war-driver (or a sleazy neighbor) to weasel into your network and compromise security. Take steps to secure your wireless network before doing any online shopping. Stay at Home. OK, you’ve got security software installed on all your home computers and other devices, and you know your network is secure. Don’t waste that effort by shopping from some other PC or device, or while connected to a network you don’t control.
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Online sales soar in Black Friday two-day shopping frenzy

Early Black Friday sales, which began on Thanksgiving, reached $1.06 billion, up 18 percent from last year, according to Adobe.

It’s also integrated into a store’s app, so you’ll get push notifications when you enter the store. “So it will say, Welcome back, Mark.’ It might suggest a new product, maybe provide you with an incentive to try something new,” said Marc Freed-Finnegan, co-founder of Index. The Index founders were previously behind google wallet, but their new tech doesn’t require a phone to pay. “You actually don’t have to pull out your phone or your wallet.
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Online shopping experience is going offline

It said online sales jumped 19.7 percent on Thanksgiving and 19 percent on Black Friday, with orders averaging $135.27, a 2.2 percent increase compared to last year. Online shoppers may have been wise to avoid stores, with reports of fistfights, a stabbing and a shooting as people elbowed their way through crowded shopping floors to snatch heavily discounted items. Sales from mobile devices accounted for 24.2 percent of the total, according to Adobe, with purchases from tablets representing 15.6 percent of those sales and purchases from smartphones representing 8.6 percent. Similarly IBM found that mobile devices accounted for 21.8 percent of sales. According to Adobe, of the $3 billion in total online sales over the two days, $417 million was done on iPads and $126 million was done on iPhones, while Android phones were used to buy $106 million in purchases and Android tablets accounted for $42 million.
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